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  1. Map Testing Aug 25, cp_forward A6
  2. Contact Information
  3. Map Testing Sept 3, cp_forward A8
  4. Map Testing Sept 17, cp_forward A9
  5. Map testing Oct, 9th Cp_Forward A10
  6. Map testing Oct 22nd cp_forward a11
  7. Map testing Nov 5th cp_forward beta1 6pm EST
  8. Map testing Nov 12th 6pm EST
  9. Map Testing pl_forward beta 3 6pm EST
  10. Map testing Black Friday cp_forward b4 6pm EST
  11. Map testing cp_forward beta 5 Dec 3 6pm EST
  12. Map Testing cp_foward b6 Friday 17 6pm EST
  13. TF2 Map testing Friday January 14th 6pm EST
  14. TF2 Map testing - Saturday Feb 5th 6pm EST
  15. TF2 Map testing - Friday Feb 11th 6pm EST
  16. cp_foward B10 - Saturday March 12th 6pm EST
  17. Custom Map Night 1! Friday Sep 2 9pm EST
  18. Want to try new maps? I have one in mind...