View Full Version : [How2] VLC and Windows Vista Aero[Discontinued]

08-09-2007, 02:48 AM
VLC natively supports Aero

Ok I use VLC to play all my videos because its the one that has worked for me every time.
When I upgraded to Vista and got it set up and running Aero, I started VLC to see how it ran on the desktop. All i got was a green screen and the audio track. Ok so VLC isn't compatible with Vista and checked for a solution and found that people were switching the video output to GDI. So i went a head and did the same, but noticed that the image was overly pixelated. I went a head and played with the settings and found that OpenGL did a better job of outputting the image and automatically smoothed the video so it looked more natural, but required more resources.

Goto Settings>Preferences...
then select the "Video", "Output Modules" tree
Check the "Advanced Options"
Now Select the "OpenGL Video Output"
Click "Save"


Settings that work:
Windows GDI
Direct 3D (Disables Aero)