View Full Version : Incoming Captaining Adjustment

03-20-2011, 03:29 AM
This coming Wednesday, we're going to be trying out something a little different in regards to the duties of a captain. There has been discussion about this for quite some time, but as of last week we've finally decided to implement a new procedure suggested recently and see how it works out.

Next PUG night, pretty much everything will go as normal. The only difference will be that captains will no longer be choosing their teams. In an effort to create more even teams and focus the duty of captaining more on organizing your team's classes and strategically in the game, the teams will now be pre-determined before each game. Once the teams are composed, they will be presented to everyone for approval so as to avoid any team stacking.

So to summarize, this is what should be happening this coming event:

1. Captains will either volunteer or be chosen as usual.
2. Teams will be chosen for the captains ideally by someone both knowledgeable and not playing in the event, but failing that by myself or Simcaster. Once chosen, the teams will be announced to all the players and any grievances or adjustements can be made.
3. Teams will be moved to their channels, captains will pick what classes each person shall play and what strategies they shall use, and when ready, can begin playing.

If all goes well we should be treated with an even game more consistently, while captains will be more encouraged to actually captain rather than just pick their teams and sit back. Of course if it starts to seem as though this is more negatively impacting the event than positively impacting it, just bear with us then.

See you Wednesday :smile: