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06-05-2011, 02:16 AM
Minecraft building competition

This is the Couch Athletics Minecraft event! Break into small teams and work with the tools and materials given to build the most creative structure. Judge your friends' and potentially win prizes! This is a constructive (hah) event, though, so it's more about working together, building, and showing off something cool than it is about winning. Check out this spot (http://minecraft.xqxn.com/?x=252&y=64&z=-112&zoom=max#/215/64/64/max/lighting) on our Minecraft world map for an example.

The basics:

Who? - Event manager: Boss1000
What? - Minecraft building competition
Where? - On Ventrilo and Minecraft servers (in specified area)
When? - Mondays, 9PM Eastern
Why? - To stretch your creative mind and maybe win a small prize!
What you need:

Minecraft (http://www.minecraft.net/)
Server access* (Easy with forum account (http://www.couchathletics.com/forums/ucp.php?mode=register))
Ventrilo (http://www.ventrilo.com/download.php) (ventrilo.couchathletics.com :: 28587)
An uninterrupted hour of time
A creative mind
Respect for other players and maturity
What you don't need:

Any tools or materials
Destructive tendencies
An inability to follow directions
*PM me for server information, and make sure you don't sound like a griefer. We don't like griefers.

The details:


All participants must be in the Couch Athletics Ventrilo Event Channel in order to hear instructions. A specified warp point/location is set for the building competition site, which is a large platform, divided into 4 sections. Participants are expected to come with absolutely nothing on them, including no tools. Depending on the number of people who attend, the group will divide into a number of teams. This can be done with captains volunteering and picking players dodgeball/Captain's Night style, or (more often) participants can divide themselves up with their friends. Teams are sent to separate channels for ease of communication and planning after instructions are given.

The Event

Teams are provided with the materials/tools to build in a chest in their area. They will usually be given two full days (day + night cycle) to build the most fantastic structure possible, often with a theme. They are restricted to their area, which is wide/tall enough to accommodate the amount of materials. Teams cannot destroy any part of the platform or go outside the bounds of their area, though if a certain theme warrants it, teams may be allowed to go outside the fences. Players must take care not to severely damage themselves, as food is limited.


After time has expired, all building will stop. All participants return to the main Events Channel. Judging will begin, which will involve all players taking time to examine the other teams' creations. After everyone sees the other structures, each participant chooses their favorite among the other teams by standing near that structure. The event manager's vote, or invited judges', can be a tiebreaker.


Winners get some rare items (diamonds, blue dye, Nether blocks, other knick-knacks). The event arena may be dismantled or left standing with the creations intact to be seen for a long time to come. Also, all participants get their picture taken with their creation, which is uploaded to the website for display.

Other Details

After some events, arenas remain to create and interesting archive of buildings over time. You are not allowed to take any materials with you or destroy any creations afterwards unless told to. Any vandalism of event buildings should be brought to me, as they are explicitly forbidden, like any other structure. Respect is the key word.

Building these arenas takes time. Check out this topic (http://www.couchathletics.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=229&t=8533) for information on how you can help make this event run smoothly. Also, check out this thread (http://www.couchathletics.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=229&t=8534) if you've got a suggestion for the event! Feel free to tell anyone about this event; I'd love for it to grow in popularity!

Any further questions can be sent to me (http://www.couchathletics.com/forums/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&action=quotepost&p=120085).


Edit: 2/28 - Added additional requirement