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07-29-2011, 11:40 PM
Welcome to CA's longest running event--Captain's Night!

What it is:
Captain's Night is a Team Fortress 2 event that takes place every Saturday night at 9:00 PM EST/EDT (unless otherwise announced!). In this event 2 teams face off against each other on the week's map pick under leadership of their captain. Win conditions usually follow league rules but the event managers will let the captains know of the official win conditions for the week.

What do I need?

Team Fortress 2 of course
Preferably a mic
Approximately an hour to an hour and a half of time
Good ping to the server

How do I participate?
To participate in Captain's Night, you need to connect to the CA Ventrilo and join the Events Channel BEFORE the event starts. If you join after the starting time of the event you may not get to play. Once you are in the channel feel free to converse with the others there. If you are new, please put your best/favorite classes into your vent comment so that people know what you play. Once the event start time comes around the event managers will begin the team splitting process.

If you come to participate, please be ready to respond in (preferably) voice chat or text so that the event managers know that you are not AFK and that you want to play.

Ventrilo: ventrilo.couchathletics.com:28587
Server: (password given in Ventrilo)

How do I captain?
So you'd like to captain a team? Great! If you are new to the event, you might want to participate a few times before stepping up to captain. Otherwise, post in the weekly thread that you wish to captain or put it into your vent comment. Captaining is usually first-come first-served but preference will be given to those who do not captain as much. Other than that, you must be willing to lead your team (not stay quiet) and must communicate with those on your team. If your team pulls through and wins, you may get a prize!

Rules and Regulations:

Server Rules:

All CA server rules apply during Captain's Night with the exception of:
Spawn camping IS allowed.

Player Rules:

By participating in Captain's Night you are making a commitment to your team. This means that you cannot leave in the middle of the event unless it is extreme circumstances (power outage, computer crash, etc.). Breaking this rule will lead to you being barred from participating in the future.
Communication can make or break a game. Having a mic is strongly advised--if you do not have one please indicate this in your vent comment.

Captain Rules:

All player rules above apply.
Captain's MUST have a mic, it must be able to be understood by others, and you MUST use it to communicate with your team. Failing to effectively communicate with your team may result in you not being allowed to captain again.

Class Limits:

The class limit base starts at 2 of everything. Usually the limits are constrained further. Your captain will let you know of the chosen class limits.
Failing to adhere to the set class limits will result in warnings. Failing to heed the warnings may result in you being banned from the event.

Lastly, have fun! Though the battles will get heated and people will get frustrated, try not to react harshly towards your fellow teammates. Constructive criticism works a lot better than yelling. Besides, if it is a total roll we will usually have a second Captain's Night afterwards so don't sweat it!

Enjoy the event!

05-06-2012, 10:14 PM
Some of this information is out of date, but I'm here to update one big piece of information.

Send your songs to the following address to get them put on the server: