View Full Version : Corki Terrorists;3 time go4lol champ; seeking sponsorship.

09-09-2011, 12:12 AM
Hello. I was referred here by someone called "Mohrisbetter". He's been in the competitive LoL for awhile now. He had told me Couch Athletics is looking to sponsor a League of Legends team? I am the manager of Corki Terrorists (CT) and we're currently looking for a sponsorship.

All of our information, including our news, accomplishments, and history can be found on the website:

-Our lineup consists of ShredShred, Lattman, Dummo, FuzzyPeach, and vretttt, all are 2.2k elo players. I am Lunarhawk, the manager for the team.
-We are 3 time go4lol champions and are seeded 1 heading into go4lol August finals.
-We are currently scrimming some of the top teams in North America, including EG, coL, BG, etc.
-We have shown a lot of progress and have the potential to go far.

If you are interested in sponsoring us for your LoL Team, please contact me via "jamesznw@yahoo.com" "jamesznw" for Skype, or "Lunarhawk" for League of Legends.