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02-02-2012, 02:43 AM
The Couch Athletics corporation has a limited ranking system to allow for easier management of perks, as well as additional security.


CEO - Full access to, and controls all perks and abilities within the corporation. To become CEO, you must be a Founder or Veteran Member within the corporation.

Founder/Veteran Member - Full access to all perks. Holders of this rank are given an equal share in the corporation to allow them to become CEO if needed (after a vote). Members of this rank are very influential with the operations of the corporation, and the CEO will usually need their consent for any major action. All Couch Athletics members who were part of the community before the founding of the corporation are automatic Veteran Members. To become a Veteran Member, a Member must prove himself to be a dedicated member of the community.

Member - Full member, access to perks. To become a Member, New members must prove themselves to be a valuable and active member of the corporation.

New Member - Limited access to perks. To become a New Member, Trial Members must complete the appropriate criteria.

Trial Member - No access to perks, members of this rank are usually new recruits, and as such, have no ties with the community. In order to become a New Member, Trial Members must complete the following.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Create a Steam account and join the "Couch Athletics Steam Group" and "Couch Athletics EVE Group" - This will enable out of game communication more easily if needed.

Install and join vent - This will be needed for any sort of group activities.

Create a Couch Athletics Forum account and post in the "HAI! MAH NAM IZ... (Intro thread)" under community information. As well as the "Introduction Thread" under EVE Online. - This will be needed if you wish to become a dedicated community member.

Pay a one time fee of 5 Million Isk to the corporation - Every member, including founders, have done so.

__________________________________________________ _______________________________________________

Information - I'm sure most have heard the stories of the spying and backstabbing that takes place within the larger corporations of EVE. Information can be a commodity, and telling those enemy corporations and pirates of our plans could cause drastic repercussions. As such, only certain ranks may be privy to certain information.

Tech 1 Ship Reimbursement - Ship reimbursement takes place after what the insurance pays out, and not any modules or rigs within the ship, failing to insure your own ship, or only insuring the basic and forcing the corporation to pay the rest, can result in a denial of this perk (Extreme cases)

Loans - There is a limited amount of Isk available for every members loans. This will be changed as the corporation becomes more wealthy. Payment of loans is expected within days of its withdrawal. Failure to pay off loans can result in a denial of this perk.

Roles - Due to issues with corporate stasis and potential backstabbing, players will not be given roles unless they are holding at least the rank of Member.