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04-04-2012, 05:40 PM

Goonies are coming April 28th. They say Jita will burn. A resistance has been formed. Either way its all gonna burn.
This is our one opportunity to show some guts and participate in an eve-wide event. I want us to participate that night and join the fleet.
We'll have to wardec Goonfleet on the 26th-27th, sure, and to watch our back for the rest of the week, but I assure you it'll be a night to remember.
Heck, even if you're a total carebear, you can always fit a frigate and join the fray.

We're expecting a full army of gank-fit tornados. They're fast, strong, have superb range, but they've got three weaknesses we can exploit.

1) A fleet full of Tornado is vulnerable to racial ECM. We'll be able to lock down several of them with the red jam modules.
2) Artillery-fitted Tornado cannot defend themselves at anything under 10km. That means HAM and Blasterboats will rip them to shreds.
3) Being minmatar, they're extra vulnerable to webs and scrambles, preventing them from escaping.

But first, a vote: Do you want the whole corporation to participate and help save Jita?

04-04-2012, 06:42 PM
Goonswarm is a drama haven, their leader has been banned for making fun of suicidal people, and they are known to troll both the forums and in game

Jita is a terrible place, anybody talking to you is trying to scam you, and most people just try to get there and get out as fast as possible to avoid traffic and random buttsex

Why would I want to join either side?

The most I'll be doing is showing up in my Noctis to watch the fights and maybe salvage some destroyed ships

Declaring war on the largest Alliance in the game for a week is a hell of an idea, not to mention, if we ever wanted to join up with Goons we would be on their history for wardecs, and if we wanted to join some other ally of them, such as test alliance, they would know as well

Up to you guys, I'll initiate the wardec as well if it passes

Just remember

"This base-cost can be increased by the number of wars you currently have ongoing (where you are the aggressor) and the number of wars the target corporation already has against them. The formula for calculating the cost is B * (N +1) * (W + 1). Where B = Base Price, N = number of wars you currently have, W = number of wars currently against the target corporation. Mutual wars are not considered in the cost calculation. "

Base cost is 50mil, lets hope goons doesn't have a lot of people at war with them....not sure we have the cash to spare...

Also, doing a forum vote on this is an odd idea too, as it is such an important decision, yet everybody, even those who don't play eve, are able to vote on something they don't understand

04-04-2012, 08:00 PM
Right. We might not be able to afford it right now.

I doubt the goons would care much about hi-sec corporations wardeccing them. Especially if most of our operations are in W-Space or outside Jita. Its not they'd bother scanning the whole universe to find the entrance to our WH.

04-05-2012, 04:29 PM
I'm gonna say no.
The risk isn't worth the reward.