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    I would imagine since the modern First Person shooter was released, people have been releasing clips of themselves killing other players in ever more insane ways. Team Fortress 2 is no different in this regard. Even though itís a more team-oriented experience, the game still allows for moments of single person killing sprees in addition to more coordinated efforts by multiple persons. Over the course of its 4 year history, Team Fortress 2 has amassed quite a large collection of kill clips and sprees. Some have even become widely known in the community at large, to the degree that virtually every player has seen the clip at least once. Being a purveyor of online clips of people killing each other in online games myself, Iíve seen quite a few impressive clips over the years. While not every clip is a revolution in editing, many are of extremely high quality nonetheless. These are a few that have stuck with me over the years, as Iím sure they have with some of you as well. (Roughly in order of release)


    Auto-Aim is, by the videoís description, ďan old TFC sniper guild.Ē After watching this video, youíll probably be a little more lenient about calling aim bot in a public TF2 server again. This is one of the first TF2 frag videos I can remember watching that absolutely blew me away. The skill JH and Bloodsire show in these videos is absolutely absurd. It completely changed my perception of what a Sniper was even capable of. Head shotting a Scout at those ranges beforehand seemed impossible to me. Watching someone do it over and over just about shorted my brain out. Not to mention the editing is superb even for a modern video, and this was made 3 years ago.

    Reptile: The Movie

    Another early TF2 video that for many Iím sure was inspirational. Reptile was (and still is) one of TF2ís top Soldier players, and the evidence is clear from this movie that he has earned the title. One of the interesting aspects of this movie besides the skill on showcase, however, is how it functions as a sort of time capsule of the competitive community. Many aspects of the video you see (crits enabled, map choices, class choices) you just donít see very often anymore. Being able to recognize that, yes, competitive players tried 6v6 Dustbowl with crits and running a Scout on the last stage on offense is an interesting sight to see. It gives you an idea of how much the competitive scene has changed.

    EG.Casey vs Loaded

    This clip, like many others, had a far reaching effect in the TF2 community. This move by Casey as Medic really changed many peopleís perceptions about how a Medic could be played. The idea in itself was brilliant Ė Uber-sawing the Demoman to get an Uber and then using his Ubercharge to sit on the point with no patient, with no other aim than to block the capture and give his team time to respawn. As the music kicks in and the Scouts arrive to beat the enemy back off the point, you really feel the emotion Iím sure Caseyís team did, all in about 30 seconds.

    Meatshot 8) Series

    Meatshot, for those not in the know, is a term popularized by TF2 player ďCarnage,Ē and refers to a Scattergun shot which does maximum or near maximum damage (100+ points). Carnage is said to be one of the best Scouts in the game, and this series shows why. Watching a class with only 125 hp take out not just 2 or 3 people, but an entire team is nothing short of shocking. Dishing out 600+ damage over six shots isnít easy, but Carnage really makes it look that way.

    Fragged by TLR

    TLR is another highly skilled Soldier. A somewhat controversial figure as of late, thereís no denying the man is a valuable asset on any team. A more modern take on Reptile: The Movie in many regards, TLR makes airshots look simple. Watching him do quick flicks left and right as he shoots Demomen out of the air is just an insane sight to behold.


    Extremer actually has quite a few clips that have been released, and for good reason too. This, however, is one of my favorites. Itís not really anything special editing-wise, but it gives you a real sense of the strength and mobility a skilled Demoman can exhibit. How he got away with bottling that Scout at the beginning I will never understand.


    Winner of the PLDX Team Fortress 2 movie contest, the idea of this video is simple, unique, and executed perfectly. The idea behind the video is keeping an almost continuous stream of gameplay using different clips. So if a clip ends on Badlands spire, the next clip begins there. If a Scout killing spree ends on Badlands mid, a new Scout killing spree begins on Well. Watching how well done the cuts between entirely different clips is done, and with very little quality loss, is really impressive. I especially liked the Sniper switching from his Rifle to his Huntsman for no apparent reason other than to show off the editorís talent. Really well done.

    7 brothers Who Arenít Brothers

    One of the first truly stylized videos I can recall seeing. This movie takes the idea of your standard frag video and turns it into a sort of Vietnam War era documentary film. Sounds crazy, I know, but the editing not only makes you believe the idea, itís quite an enjoyable watch. NSFW Warning: there may be a penis flashed onscreen at the 6:05 mark.

    Muscle, Milk, and Moolians

    Showing not only incredible gameplay, but excellent editing, this video gives you a great sense of how the editing scene evolved from the standard ďone person killing lots of peopleĒ to the more team based clips. Being able to see how a great team is not only composed of great players, but also consists of great communication and great teamwork is a valuable sight that videos document more often now.

    Fail Gamesense

    Featuring yet another skilled and established Soldier, this video yet again ratcheted up the expectations for your average Soldier frag video. Just about everything here is top notch, even by todayís standards. Great gameplay, spectacular editing, catchy/fitting music, and even a pretty funny intro to boot. Itís probably my favorite frag video ever. It really gives you a sense for how fast paced and explosive (pun intended) Soldier gameplay can be.


    From superstar editor Cla, Copyleft is a video built around a single song and putting together clips to synch with it. Itís a simple idea, but is done so well I find it to be an infinitely watchable video. Great effects that synch up with the song in perfect harmony paired with great gameplay. Is there really more you could ask for from a frag clip?

    CommFT Moments of Glory Series

    Of course, Iíd be a fool to not include what is likely the most popular TF2 series ever created. From its inception, the Moments of Glory series has been immensely enjoyable and well produced. Keeping up with a steady stream of new videos, top 10 clips, and having the very well liked Extine managing a great deal of the community interaction has done much for CommFT, but even more for the TF2 community at large. Increasing awareness for just about every aspect of TF2, both competitive and public, itís hard to play TF2 nowadays and not have seen at least one of ExTVís productions. Boasting hundreds of clips ranging from badass, to hilarious, to thoughtful, this is their most recent MoG, and it holds up the same standard of quality set months ago with clip #1.
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    1. Simcaster's Avatar
      Simcaster -
      You forgot the two best tf2 frag videos: No Name 2 by siN and Fanom by Subtitled:
    1. No-eye-deer's Avatar
      No-eye-deer -
      No Name 2 in particular I could picture in my mind but couldn't recall the title of for the life of me.
    1. Ninja's Avatar
      Ninja -
      best tf2 frag video:

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